Production Collective is a full service social responsibility agency that specializes in experiential marketing. We advise and support businesses and non-profit organizations to integrate their mission and goals for social responsibility.

 Strategic Alignment: Implementation and advisement using our Collective Capital&trade model that creates business value through alignment of your company's financial, human, and social capital with its mission and purpose.

Roll out and Planning: Facilitation of both full scale and targeted social responsibility program implementation, optimizing resources and funding, for most meaningful results

Implementation Design and Production: Execution of powerful, content-driven events and engagements that achieve your objectives

Marking Results: Identification, tracking and communicating the results of your initiatives to maximize impact and investment

We stand on our belief that GOOD business is good BUSINESS.

Impact Our World
We understand the world is rapidly changing. Companies today are perceived by how they behave. Production Collective is a catalyst, connecting company with cause. Success, in this changing world, comes with social responsibility.

Thrive in Partnership
Progress is achieved by building bridges. We help you leverage partnerships, inside and outside your network, to create a meaningful collective. We help you build relationships that employ best practices, and engage all constituencies for reciprocal benefit.

Create a Connection
Our unique Beyond the Ballroom™ feature extends the results of your engagement beyond the day of the event and walls of the venue. We create the environment to galvanize and motivate, leveraging the power of the face-to-face connection for maximum impact and sustainable transformation.

Tell your Story
We help you communicate your vision and the results of your efforts using the outlets and channels where your story will be best told. Improve your image, create a movement, change the world.




"As you know events like this do not happen without much preparation. We owe a large debt to Production Collective, who are as passionate about womens' history and social justice as we are, and as committed to excellence and attention to detail. Their patience and professionalism has made working with them a great pleasure." -- Gail T. Reimer, Founder and Executive Director, Jewish Women's Archive
"Production Collective's ability to handle everything and execute the vision of the organization far exceeded my expectations- and they are wonderful to work with. I actually looked forward to the meetings. This is a group of talented women." -- SHERI, CLIENT
"I do not recommend people lightly, so please take this in the spirit of a gift I am sending your way when I tell you that Production Collective would be the perfect, absolutely perfect partner for you in this endeavor.

It is the sheer talent and kind hearts of the Production Collective members-Julia and Primavera- that make the organization so special. I have watched Production Collective mature and flower and seen her vision for what ... [More] " -- LINDA, CLIENT

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Production Collective was founded by women who came together with a single goal -- to make a difference. Each with unique backgrounds, from philanthropic strategy to corporate marketing, fundraising and event production, they have united their talents in a common purpose.
Co-founder Julia Rhodes Davis is an innovative entrepreneur and social change strategist. Her roots are in social justice organizing, resource development and production.

Julia has cultivated best practices for the strategy, development and implementation of projects ranging from crowd-sourced movement building initiatives to fundraising events that capture hearts and minds, successfully raise financial resources, and attract and retain new donor-allies.

Julia is an intuitive and collaborative leader who helps organizations fulfill their mission and purpose through connection to and among stakeholders. As co-founder of Production Collective, Julia helps clients unleash their full potential to advance social change agendas.
Co-founder Primavera Salva is a visionary entrepreneur and creative producer. A scholar of spiritual mysticism and a professional background comprised of corporate events and diplomatic relations, Primavera possesses a unique combination of possibility and pragmatism.

Rooted in the belief that everyone has the capacity to be agents of change, and the expertise of twenty+ years in the corporate and governmental sectors, Primavera has an unparalleled ability to create and implement high concept, high impact projects.

Primavera brings together years of event production experience with a refined sense of how to reflect strategic objectives for the most meaningful results. Her corporate portfolio includes product launches, corporate shows, sales meetings, film premieres and special events for Fortune 100 companies and top media groups.